Monday, 20 June 2011

Newest Pickups 20/06/2011

A couple of interesting pickups over the last few days:

R-Type Leo marquee arrived last week, really pleased with this one and it didn't even cost a £10, for a future project........

Picked up the Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Arcade stick from HMV on Saturday for a crispy £20, wow what an amazing stick it just so sturdy! I take back (nearly) everything I've said about Madkatz over the years.
I bought this to play virtual console games and I can assure you that it works brilliantly on MUSHA!!


  1. Very nice looking stick. Did i ever show you my Mushihimesame Hori Stick? Can't remember if i posted it on an old vid/blog post

  2. @Gunhead oh yes I saw that stick it was lovely, in fact all those hori/cave sticks were really pretty. I'd be afraid to use them!!