Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Games I'm Playing Today - 09/11/2011

I'm currently switching between the following games:

Darksiders - PS3, Such an underrated game I love my slash em ups and this is a classic. I like the building of the character in this one with each power up there is a sense your character is becoming more god-like. Interesting graphical style too.

GT5 - PS3, Picked up the collectors edition last week and I'm completely blown away by the sheer amount of cars and how many events there are to take place in. Seems to be a bit more accessible than some of the previous incarnations too. One of the worst install times I've ever seen though, pathetic

Radient Silvergun HD - Still stunnning! Treasure must be applauded for the qulaity of the port, there's a lot of game here for 1200 points. I love the inclusion of the Saturn version is here in all it's greatness as well as the stripped down arcade port. The enhanced graphics in the arcade version look stunning too. Makes me want Treasure to release that original 360 shooter they started working on - Project RS3.

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