Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Picked up Zone of Enders Second Runner the other day, the PAL version sells at a real premium so I was pleased to pick it up for £12 from an Amazon seller. I was really surprised when it turned up at my house on Friday brand new and sealed!!

I'm a huge fan of the original and this seems to be much less linear than it's predecessor

Anyway I think the artwork on this version is brilliant and I've heard great things about the game too.


  1. Hi g.

    Are you aware that Konami issued a reprint of a handful of their games a year or two ago, ZOE2 included? Notice the new PEGI rating on the cover art. Apparently the case itself is different as well (I think they original copies had a memory card slot, but don't quote me on that).

    I have the reprint version as well, I'm just chuffed to have been able to get the game affordably. :D

  2. I loved the first ZOTE gameon ps2. Never got round to playing this one. They're releasing HD remake ive heard. Not sure if it's out yet?

  3. Wow @Phenomenal Flea I had no idea this got a reprint, it probably explains why I managed to pick it up for such a reasonable price! Thanks for telling me the story! Shamefully I've still not played this - still that's what the Christmas break is for!

  4. @Gunhead Will be picking up the HD remakes myself, it's not out yet but I'll be getting it when it's cheap. Apparently Vic Viper makes and appearance in 2!