Wednesday, 14 March 2012

AvsG Series 1 Challenge 1: Result and Aftermath

Ketsui > 360 > X-Mode > 1 Credit

Well the amazing first challenge has been done and dusted for over a month now and what fun it was, shamefully this is my first post about it.

Congrats to Amidststorm on his destruction of my score, I'd love to say it was close but I was trounced!!

I don't care though I enjoyed ever second and now feel like I know the game a little better.

Amidststorm - 112506227
Gmintyfresh - 064762608

So the current state of play is 1-0, I've subsequently had a few blasts on the game outside of the challenge and managed to drop a 74 million point score and I can see how the 100 might be possible.

Anyway challenge 2 is nearly over, more details about that in the next blog - I'm personally a little bit less hectic at the moment so I promise to pour more time and energy into this wonderful project.

Let the games commence!

Amidststorm's post regarding the challenge.

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