Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Couple of 360 Imports......

Hello, it's been a while since I posted anything on here due to a new arrival in the house.

I'm finding it tough at the moment to find any spare time to have even a few pints at the moment let alone write a blog or shoot YouTube vids. Rest assured that both my shmup and regular collection are still expending and I'll be back on a slightly irregular basis from here on in.

I'm specifically looking at a couple of recent 360 imports I've purchased recently:

Sneak King - US. One of three games available from Burger King for a limited time in the US at a budget price when bought with a value meal. Not rare and bought just as a curiousity for £3 on ebay, I intend to get all three at some point.

Instant Brain Limited Edition - Japan. Finally picked this up for a non stupid price I'm sure Cave fans will know the reason why I bought this this glorified dating sim, it contains a port of arcade DoDonpachi. A real shame I've got to grind through the main game to unlock the shmup goodness, but I've heard it's quite a painless process


  1. Sneak King gave me a grin. I've seen these burger king games for about $2 or so here in the states. They were super common - and very quickly found their way into the used game market from people who were disinterested in them. I haven't really heard anything about Instant Brain before - the cover art was kind of cool though and it's neat that it has an extra arcade-like title with it.

    1. I heard they were mate apparently a ton of new stock made it into thrift shops too, I love region exclusives so I'm going to have fun taking a look at this. Instant Brain was a rare foray by Cave Comapny into the dating game genre, apparently it plays out like a graphic novel - and you can guess what's going on eventhough it's all in Japanese. I'll post some photos when it arrives of the contents of the game.