Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Top Ten Most Wanted 30/10/2013

Just want to list my current long term collecting "Most Wanted" list, damn I've been after some of these titles at a decent price for years.
1 Harmful Park PS1
2 Bioship Paladin Megadrive
3 Musha Aleste Megadrive
4 Shinobi 3 Megadrive
5 Alien Soldier Megadrive
6 Earthbound SNES
7 Demon's Blazon SNES
8 Ketsui DS
9 Gaia Seed PS1
10 V-V Megadrive

Bubbling Under

11 Fist of the Northstar Ken's Rage Treasure Box PS3
12 Contra Megadrive
13 Hagane SNES
14 Image Fight/X-Multiply Saturn
15 Okami Zekkeiban PS3

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