Thursday, 26 August 2010

(iPod) Dodonpahi Resurrection - First Thoughts

I downloaded Dodonpachi Resurrection for the IPOD today, I know it's not the 360 game but i'll give an indication of how well the game transfers home. For a start it's only £2.99 for the first four days of release. The game still employs the autofire system from Espgaluda 2 which works quite well, be careful though I suspect you'll either like it or loathe it - you can try the Lite version first. When the game loaded up I was amazed by the graphics, it really is a good looking game with completely over the top graphics and screens full of bullet hell! The game seems to work better on the ipod than the ESP2 because the game is a little bit simpler with less botton presses needed and suiting touch screen control. A special mention should be given to the soundtrack, it's really over the top and sounds brilliant suiting the pace of the game perfectly.

You can tell the game is slightly stripped down port of the arcade version as there isn't quite as much happening onscreen, but this coversion bodes very well for the Cave 360 port.

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