Tuesday, 31 August 2010

12 Months, 14 Shmups, £1200 – Game #2

To understand what I’m attempting to achieve with this project do please see the previous blog entry here:


2nd game bought today, Last Resort on the AES. Took a bit of scouring to find this shmup at a reasonable price and with some confidence it was an original, not a pirate or an converted MVS cart. There was also a few tatty examples and even one from a seller that bore no responsibility for any damage or loss even though he wouldn't sent the game out recorded. The game cost £118 including P&P.

Expect a new video 1-2 weeks.

Current status

Blast Wind - Sega Saturn
Harmful Park - Playstation 1
Radiant Silvergun - Sega Saturn
Ibara - Playstation 2
Mushihimesama Futari Ltd Edition - Xbox 360
GlayLancer - Megadrive
Gigawing 2 - Dreamcast
Zero Gunner 2 - Dreamcast
Twinkle Star Sprites - Dreamcast
Last Resort - NEO GEO AES - Bought
Cotton 2 - With Tea Cup - Saturn
Soldier Blade - PC Engine
DeathSmiles 2 Limited Edition - Xbox 360 (Bought)
Hyper Duel Sega - Saturn

The hunt begins and there might even be some spare money in the war chest for a bonus buy!

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