Saturday, 27 November 2010

12 Months, 14 Shmups, £1200 – Game #4

To understand what I’m attempting to achieve with this project do please see the previous blog entry here:

Phew it's catch up time! It's been ages since I posted, but in the meantime I've bought so many great shmups. I'm covered on this project with games till February, there have been some ups and some downs but as always it's been interesting! So I picked the mighty Radiant Silvergun at the beginning of November for £90.50 including P+P which was about a tenner cheaper than I expected and it's in great nick. The game looks amazing with one of the best anime intros I've seen in a shooter, the weapons system seems very complex, and I can tell it's going to to take soem time to get a grips with. It's a great day for my shmup collection!

Current status

Blast Wind - Sega Saturn
Harmful Park - Playstation 1
Radiant Silvergun - Sega Saturn (Bought)
Ibara - Playstation 2
Mushihimesama Futari Ltd Edition - Xbox 360
GlayLancer - Megadrive
Gigawing 2 - Dreamcast
Zero Gunner 2 - Dreamcast
Twinkle Star Sprites - Dreamcast
Last Resort - NEO GEO AES (Bought)
Cotton 2 - With Tea Cup - Saturn
Soldier Blade - PC Engine
Hyper Duel Sega - Saturn (Bought)

Deathsmiles 2 Limited Edition - Xbox 360 (Bought)


  1. Fantastic...

    the real question is, should i sell you harmfull park on the cheap? ;)

  2. YES!! Ha ha! Really enjoying this project so far

  3. This is still my most wanted Saturn game but the missus would kill me if I spent that kind of money on a game :|