Friday, 16 July 2010

12 Months, 14 Shmups, and £1200

This is a project I’ve been mulling over for the past 6 months, basically I’ve created a list of 14 shmups that I’d buy if money wasn’t an object. This list has evolved over the last few months and it’ll probably change again but this is how it stands at the moment in no particular order:

Blast Wind - Saturn
Harmful Park - PS1
Radiant Silvergun - Saturn
Ibara - PS2
Mushihimesama Futari Ltd Edition - 360
Glaylancer - MD
Gigawing 2 - DC
Zero Gunner 2 - DC
Rayxanber III - PC Engine CD
Last Resort - NEO GEO AES
Cotton 2 (Special Edition with Tea Cup)- Saturn
Star Soldier - PSP
Deathsmiles 2 Limited Edition - 360
Hyper Duel - Saturn

At one point Espgaluda II Special Edition (360) was on the list but I managed to pick it up cheaply, so Glaylancer replaced that game. Rayxanaber III will probably leave the list as it’s purchase is dependant on getting a PC Engine DUO (Final Soldier is looking good at the moment).
So what am I going to do with this list? Well the project was always going to be a series of Youtube videos charting my adventures in acquiring all of these dream games over 12 months with a budget of £1200.

Now the exiting news that I’m almost financially able to actually start buying!

Watch this space over the coming month for more news!!


  1. I haven't played many of them for the reason you state. I want to though :(

  2. Would you not take the standard copies of the 360 ones to make more money avaliable for other games? DSIIX & Mushi are still affordable for the standards.. The LE's are already going off the chart. Radiant is perhaps my most cherished purchase.. I got it for about 90 mint.. in fact i dont think it was touched other than to break the seal.

  3. @RetroKingSimon Me too, I never thought I'd have the money to get these but it seems I will have soon - I can't wait!

  4. @Amidst Storm Productions Got to keep the consistency in my collection mate I've got all those other special editions, I know it'll cost more but better to take the pain now rather than later!! Still never played Radiant, I'm jealous ;D Hyper Duel and RS are the two Saturn shooters I'm really after. It surprises me how expensive Hyper Duel is, sounds like you got a stunning deal with RS.

  5. Oh man.. get it on Mame.. just so you can play it.. only problem is there's 7 weapons so you'll need to map them all out. i can mail you the rom if youd like? Understandable on the LE's too. I kinda wished i'd done that now :S

  6. @Amidst Storm Productions Ha got the ROM mate, it runs really slow on my laptop, got the wrong type of graphics card apparently - thanks though. I know someone that's willing to sell me DS2 LE pretty cheaply, it's Last Resort I'm really worried about the price fluctuates so wildly!

  7. I just sat and watched a Jap mint AES copy of Last Resort sell for £62.00!! i wouldve bid but the seller said someone had stuck over the jap cart sticker with a EUR sticker.. :S I was suspect it was a pirate

  8. @Amidst Storm Productions Ha yep that sounds really dodgy, you've got to be really vigilant with NEO releases. I'll get one too some day.

  9. I came so close to owning the much-pursued Silvergun a few years ago. I bought a great condition copy on eBay for £80 Buy It Now from some woman in the US. The listing stated PayPal as an accepted form of payment but when I transferred the money, she said she didn't accept Paypal :(

  10. @RetroKing Simon Really unfortunate mate I've heard a similar story I hate it when sellers do that, I once won a copy of R-Type 3 for £7 and the seller mysteriously disappeared from ebay. I'm sure we'll both get a copy of Slvergun some day!!

  11. Late to the party but great list! I'm among the lucky bastards who managed to get a Silvergun for a very nice price :) If somehow my world crumbles one day, I'll make sure you get it.