Wednesday, 29 December 2010

12 Months, 14 Shmups, £1200 – Game #5

To understand what I’m attempting to achieve with this project do please see the previous blog entry here:

December Part 1

Zero Gunner 2 - Disk

Another month another game, this month is going to be a two parter for December. Now this project is not just about getting those expensive games it's also about getting the games I want for my collection. Zero Gunner 2 represents finishing my complete DC Shmup collection, before starting this project I was 3 games away from achieveing this. I've partially completed a youtube vid showing the game and what I think about it but my first impressions are very, very, good. It might not have the kudos of Ikaruga or Border Down but it's every much their equal!! Just to note I got stung with import duty on this bugger - a first for an import game damn it! Would have been an amazing bargain otherwise, still it is mint condition. See you soon in Part 2.


Zero Gunner 2 - VMU

Current status

Blast Wind - Sega Saturn
Harmful Park - Playstation 1
Radiant Silvergun - Sega Saturn (Bought)
Ibara - Playstation 2
Mushihimesama Futari Ltd Edition - Xbox 360
GlayLancer - Megadrive
Gigawing 2 - Dreamcast
Zero Gunner 2 - Dreamcast (Bought)
Twinkle Star Sprites - Dreamcast
Last Resort - NEO GEO AES (Bought)
Cotton 2 - With Tea Cup - Saturn
Soldier Blade - PC Engine
Hyper Duel Sega - Saturn (Bought)

Deathsmiles 2 Limited Edition - Xbox 360 (Bought)

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