Monday, 9 January 2012

Geoff's Top Ten Most Anticipated Games 2012 PT.1

Another huge year for gaming, I’ve decided to pull together my 10 most anticipated games of 2012. This will form the basis of a video I'm planning to upload in the next few days.

10. Darkness II - I loved the underrated original which played better after the first few levels were trudged through, the game went to some very sick and twisted places and the actual implementation of the darkness in the game was very novel and original. The sequel seems to ramp this up even more and I’m really looking forward to this. Released 10/02/12 – I’ve opted for the 360 LE which has more DLC than the standard version.

9. Catherine – Mad, bonkers, Japanese, and a bit seedy. Released 10/02/12 I’ve preordered the PS3 Stray Sheep Special edition, you get a lot of crap with it, man February is going to be an expensive month.

8. Halo 4 – Otherwise know as the return of the Master Chief in my mind!! I love this series and hopefully the change of developer will shake the series up a bit, don’t get me wrong I loved 3, in fact I think it’s my favourite game in the series. However by the end of Reach the game formula seems a bit samey, the game needs to evolve in order to stay relevant in my opinion. Released Autumn 2012 Wouldn’t be surprised if this slipped.

7. GTA V – Always a big deal when a new game comes out in the series and the title always delivers on home consoles. Little is known about the game except it appears to be set in Los Santos and that the game resembles the mighty San Andreas which is no bad thing in my opinion. The game looks sprawling and hopefully will have a bit more to do in it than GTA4. This is going to be huge!! Released Possibly 2012

6. Bioshock Infinite – Easily my favourite FPS series and with Ken Levine back at the helm this can only be a fascinating adventure. Early indications are good, the game looks startlingly different and yet similar to BS1 & 2. Released 01/06/12 Going to plump for the 360 version unless the PS3 port is drastically better. Surly there will be special editions…

Part 2 tomorrow.


  1. Awesome. I decided to browse Play Asia's pre order section the other day, incase any shmups sneaked by my radar. None apparently but I did see a scary amount of games that I actually want this year. It's looking to be another stonker for current gen. I'm going to try to make Skyrim last , then buy Mass Effect 3, and make that last until Bioshock Infinite. Who am I kidding right?

  2. I keep looking at Play-Asia's listings too, just in case eh mate? It's quite good that there's a bit of a shmup drought at the moment after February I'll be able to pick up Trizeal and DDFKBL!! February is a huge bottleneck for me when it comes to games, was going to pick up a Vita but I simply cant afford it till later in the year now!