Sunday, 18 July 2010

Thunder Force V - A New View

As some of you may know my favourite Saturn shooter is Thunder Torce V, there's something inherently appealing about the game to me. It's the combination of fast pace, rocking soundtrack, and an intuative weapon system that makes it head and shoulders above the rest. I've always wondered how the Playstation version of the game compares, apparently whilst not looking as good the game has extras not included in the Saturn version:

  • CG rendered movie sequences
  • Extra Artwork
  • Enhamced sound
  • More game modes
  • Easter eggs
  • Less slowdown

This week I actually won a Japanese copy of the game for a bargain price of £11, a full £20 cheaper than the game should have been! Admittedly the copy I won didn't have a spine card but I can live with that.

Looking forward to adding this to my expanding PS1 shooter collection and seeing how it compares to the Saturn version..

Watch this space I feel a video coming on...



  1. I need to get a Jap PS sorted.. just.. well... because.

  2. For some strange reason I think that TF 5 is highly underrated among TF fans. That's a shame, because it's a great game.
    Looking forward to the comparison!

  3. I've got the special version of TFV for the Saturn which comes with a CD featuring arranged music from the series. It's awesome! :)

  4. @AmidstStorm I think you should be able Jap PS1 games on a PS3 mate? I've got a lovely red PS2 that I play all my PS1 games on.

  5. @Edward yes mate 3 + 4 get all the kudos but 5 kicks them all for me mate

  6. @RetroKingSimon I want that version too mate considering how good the music is in the game!!