Thursday, 15 July 2010

R-Type 3

So finally after all those years of waiting I have a copy of R-Type 3, I slightly ballsed up this purchase because I thought it was boxed - It wasn't as I read the description incorrectly. The version I bought is the beautifully designed Japanese release with the instruction booklet included. Seeing how pretty this is has just made me hungry to buy a boxed copy of this great game (the artwork truly is stunning). Still the game was still cheap and there is trade potential in the future.

Talking about Snes shmups, this month's "Let's all play" on the Retro Gamer forum is all about Axelay. There are always lively discussions when it comes this monthly thread, give it a go you might even get published in Retro Gamer. Not the biggest fan of the game to be honest, it's good but not great my thoughts from the thread:

"There's no denying the greatness of Axelay, however it's nearly fatally flawed by those vertical levels. They look and play quite crudely in comparison to the more refined and enjoyable Horizontal sections. It's like two different games have been haphazardly squashed together."


  1. I never gave Axelay a fair go.. it's tough and there's better shmups imo. Nice pick up on Rtype 3, shame no box though.. ive never played it so a gameplay/review could be good mate

  2. Re: Axelay Yep that first level is actually harder than level 2 and 3 it's very off putting. Beacause the SNES has got few great shooters any good shooter gets classed as great! Going to film a stuff I've bought recently vid with some R-Type 3 footage in it mate, should be this weekend.

  3. I used to have the UK version of this, it's an awesome shooter but does get really hard after the first couple of levels :|