Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Favourite Puzzle Games

 Another list for 2013, this time my favourite puzzle games. I've been really surprised to see how many of these titles are handheld, I guess the pick up and put down nature of the genre lends itself to portable gaming.

Anyway in no particular order:

Puzzle Quest (XBL) - I love the XBL version of this, the combination of a solid puzzle game with some RPG elements and a fantasy setting works really well. One of the rare puzzle games with an interesting storyline and a character levelling system, much more than just a puzzle game.

Meteos (DS) - Strange Shooter/Puzzle hybrid that's really addictive once you get the hang of it. Works exremely well with the touchscreen. There's a Disney version of the title that's a completely different game and actually tougher because they tweaked the gameplay to stop people mashing the screen to get random lines. 

Bust a Move 2 (PS1) - Everyone knows the series, played through the night pi$$ed on numerous occasions (onemoregoitis) against my mate on the mighty PS1 port. One of the few puzzle games that relies on pure skill when placing bubbles as well as forward planning. There's a great 1 player campaign with a ton of levels but the game comes into it's own in two player.

Puzzle Fighter (PS1) - Classic combination of Street fighter and a Puzzle Game - tbh the puzzle aspect of the game is strong enough to stand on it own two feet without the addition of the franchise. I really like the fact the individual character have strengths and weaknesses. PS1 or Saturn version for me, the xbl version is cool but the control system feels a bit off to me. 

Cleopatra Fortune (PS2) - Firstly I recommend the PS2 version of the game purely because it's on Taito Arcade hits 2 which is really cheap, the Japanese Saturn version is very pricey. Egyption themed puzzle game which is probably the closest game to Tetris out of all the games I've picked. Not only is the game fiendisly difficult later on it's also very accessible initially - there's a nice difficulty curve. One of the most charning puzzle games I've ever played, looks gorgeous too.

Lumines (PSP/Vita) - Short bursts of intense play, damn good fun and a killer soundtrack.


  1. Nice selection. I didn't knew "Puzzle Quest", but I will download it to play.

    1. You might like it mate, myself and the wife got really addicted to it. The game really does feel fresh and new, the sequel plays up those RPG elements even more.