Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wants List for the Start of 2013

A big long list of games and consoles I'm actively looking for at the moment:

Mega CD
Darius Burst - PSP
Love Hina - Japanese GBA
Hajime No Ippo - Japanese GBA
Tryrush Deppy - Japanese Saturn
Ketsui - Japanese DS
Ghost Pilots - Neo Geo AES
V-V/GrindStorner - Megadrive
Power Drift - Saturn
Instant Brain - Japanese 360
Harmful Park - Japanese PS1
Rule of Rose - PS1
Sega Rally - Japanese GBA
Run Sabre - SNES
Demon's Blazon - SNES
Unirally - SNES
Steam Hearts - Japanese Saturn
Sega Ages 2500 - Japanese PS1, titles I've still not picked up out of this collection.
Capcom Classics Reloaded - PSP
Star Soldier - PSP
SC Gundam X - SNES
The Itsudemo Puzzle - Japanese GBA
Space Invaders - Japanese SNES
Star Communicator - Japanese GBA
Rayxanaber III - PC Engine
Metal Slug 7 - DS
Okami Zekkeiban - PS3
Pocket Station

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