Thursday, 3 January 2013

Today's Post 02/01/2013

Virtua Tennis 4 world Tour Edition has the dubious honour of being my first game of 2013. I picked the game up from Game for a very bargainous price of around £5.50 (£7 in the sale + I used some Game points to knock it down a bit further). I've been very impressed with the quality of the Vita games I've picked up so far and surprisingly Virtua Tennis 4 is one of the slickest on the system. The first thing that stands out on loading is the quality production values of the game, it certainly has been optimised for the Vita. There are a ton of game modes such as a career mode and arcade mode to keep you busy and I especially like the numerous bonus games that double as a levelling system in the career mode. Most importantly though It plays a very good game of tennis, you really have to work a strategy out when playing against the AI characters. One of the most complete and polished games on the system.

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