Friday, 11 January 2013

New Dreamcast Shooter Announced: Ghost Blade

Hucast confirmed today a new DC project they are working, Ghost Blade is due for release sometime 2013 and will be a caravan-type scoring game.

The great thing about the release is that there will be a five stage game mode as well as the traditional time based scoring modes.

Looking forward to this one even though details are scarce at the moment:

"Brand NEW Sega Dreamcast game in the works!

Since Redux: Dark Matters was planned to be finished in December 2012 – but we took the extra time to give the game an 7th “Dark Planet” stage – we now have another team working on “The Ghost Blade” project.
The Ghost Blade

The Ghost Blade – Caravan Shooting Game

What is it going to be? Well, another ace shoot ‘em up for the Sega Dreamcast with focus on arcade action joy and elaborate scoring system. And various player ships too choose from and a load of game modes, such as 5 stage game mode or challenging caravan game mode and last but not least: time attack.

Now, some interesting facts for you:

Game Features:

3 Game Modes with 3 player ships too choose from.

Screen Orientation:

TATE ( “3:4”) and YOKO (“4:3”)

Game Modes:

    Stage Mode: 5 Stages
    Caravan Mode: 2 min./5 min.
    Time Attack

Release: TBA 2013

From now on expect some frequent updates on this blog and facebook/twitter

More news soon! Stay tuned!"

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