Tuesday, 10 May 2011

14 Shmups, 12 Games, £1200 - Update

After the last post about this project I'm happy to say that I've acquired 2 more games towards the final target, as always I'll talk about these purchases here first:

Giga Wing 2

Was winning a copy on Ebay for about a week at about £20 but entered into a mini bidding war with another bidder about 1 hour before the auction ended. Managed to win this little bugger for £32 but I really thought I could pick it up a little cheaper - ah well I've got it now! This price was still cheaper than the £44 estimate I had on the game so it's not all bad. OH YES AND MY DC SHMUP COLLECTION IS NOW COMPLETE!!!! A DC retrospective vid will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

Blast Wind

Finally won a copy of this at a non ridiculously silly price of £68 inc P+P, again I won this under my estimate of £75 - which in the current climate was a tough one to work to. Really looking forward to this one.


  1. Congrats on the pickups and congrats on the complete DC collection. A video is definitely needed for this epic achievement.

  2. Thanks mate, when the game arrives there will be some kind of two part retrospective YT vid. Was looking at DC shmup prices on the net recently, ouch! Glad I got mine reasonaibly priced all those years ago.

  3. Blast wind is awesome for the soundtrack alone - the end boss music was used again remixed in TF5 :)


  4. @Mootown Technosoft always new how to pull together an amazing soundtrack for their shooters didn't they mate? Glad to hear this is good one too, the footage I've seen of the game impressed me loads!