Tuesday, 31 May 2011

List of Shmups I'm Seeking

I've been using this working list for a while to monitor which shmups I want to collect.

Not an exhaustive list by any means and there are a few non-shmups in there too. Also with a few scrappy condition notes:

Title Format Notes (if applicable)
Radirgy GC Must be in good nick
Senko No Ronde Rev.X Limited 360 First run edition with art cards
Shooting Love 200x 360 First print edition with soundtrack
Dodonpachi Resurrection Black Label 360
Gigawing DC Complete and good condition
Ikaruga Sega Direct Version DC Comes with a mouse mat or some such shite!
Any DC shmup special Edition DC
Any DC Sega Direct Except Radirgy or Karous DC
Ketsui DS Complete, not bothered if its reprint version
R-Type 2 Gameboy Jap version complete
Nemesis 2 Gameboy Jap or PAL preferably complete
Ikaruga GC US version
Robo Aleste Mega CD
Gleylancer Megadrive Complete
Phelios Megadrive
V-V Megadrive Look for US version Grind Stormer too
Elemental Master Megadrive
MUSHA Megadrive Needs to be tiptop condition, consider US release
Kuuga Vapor Trail Megadrive
Steel Empire Megadrive Must be Jap version
Bio Ship Paladin Megadrive
Fire Mustang Megadrive
Fire Shark Megadrive
Insector X Megadrive
R-Type MSX Cartridge version, great artwork
Star Soldier N64
Ghost Pilots NEO GEO AES
Pulstar/Blazing Star NEO GEO AES Will always be too expensive - watch out for MVS conversions
Tatsujin PC Engine
Gate of Thunder PC Engine
Final Blaster PC Engine
Override PC Engine
Star Parodier PC Engine
Armed F PC Engine
Deep Blue PC Engine Needs to be cheap notoriously bad
Heavy Unit PC Engine Try and get cheap very difficult
P-47 PC Engine
1941 Counter Strike PC Engine
Final Blaster PC Engine
Raiden PC Engine
Cloud Master Chuka Taisen PC Engine
1943 Kai PC Engine
Cyber Core PC Engine
Coryoon PC Engine Uncommon
Metamor Jupiter PC Engine
Saint Dragon PC Engine
Rayxanber III PC Engine CD Preferably complete
L-Dis PC Engine CD
Sapphire PC Engine CD Will always be too expensive, check out PSP version
Geppy - X PS1 Any condition
R-Type Delta PS1 JAP edition
Soukyugurentai PS1
Oretachi Geasen Zoku - Sonic Wings PS2 Must be complete
Thunderforce 6 PS2 First Print Edition with Extras
R-Type Command 2 PSP
Star Soldier PSP
Sengoku Aces 3 PSP
Darius Burst PSP
Strikers 1945 Plus PSP
Platypus PSP
Skull Fang Saturn With bonus disk
Donpachi Saturn Not bothered about spine
Gun Frontier Saturn Not bothered about spine
Planet Joker Saturn Must be cheap as the game is notoriously awful
Steam Hearts Saturn Must include spine and be not too expensive
Cotton 2 Saturn Must be teacup version and have all the extras
Shienryu Saturn
Prikura Daisakusen Saturn Must be complete with all extras
Thunderforce V Special Edition Saturn Looking for complete, also looking for budget Satacore? VersionFantasy Zone Saturn
Kyuukyoko Tiger 2 Saturn
Silhouette Mirage Saturn
Darius Gaiden Saturn
Keio Flying Squadron 2 Saturn
3 Wonders Saturn Comes under the Arcade Gears banner
Super Dimension Macross Saturn
Capcom Generations 1 Saturn Complete
Gekirindan Saturn
Image Fight/X-Multiply Saturn X-Multiply is awesome
R-Type Sega Mark 3 Version
Power Strike 2 Sega Master System
Super R-Type SNES US version
Macross Scrambled Valkyrie SNES Complete, replacement for loose cart version - nice artwork
Judgement Silversword Wonderswan
Milestone Shooting Collection Wii
Illvelo Wii
Mamoru-Kun Wa Norowarete Shimatta! Limited Editon PS3

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  1. Nice epic list there. I have to say, although i'm chasing every shmup for every system. I do often wonder if I should write myself 'a must buy' list first and go from there. I think i have about 160-170 shmups now and i probably havent even played most of them.

  2. That's why you need to get playing those games and get some review videos up for us to see mate!! :D I have got a shorter list of games I'm actively seeking at the moment - most of the games revolve around the 360 and the Saturn, no surprise there I'm sure.

  3. Hey Geoff! Your list is epic! I could provide you with Thunderforce V (SAT) but I'm not sure I can part with it yet :P

  4. @harlequ1n Ha ha mate, it's one of those games that's way on down my list because I've got the standard release, awesome game though isn't it? The list is a bit daunting but I've already checked a few off!!