Monday, 16 May 2011

14 Shmups, 12 Months, £1200 - May Games

I really can't believe it's been ten months since I started this project, I'm really glad I actually stuck to with this adventure - trust me I nearly bailed a few times due to the sheer cost of acquiring these games! I knew towards the end of this project that I'd have to double up twice in the monthly purchases to reach the full 14 games to the 12 month deadline. So here I am now with 2 months to go and 3 games to buy.

Gigawing 2 and Blast Wind both arrived over the weekend and typically for games imported from Japan the games were solidly wrapped and were in completely pristine condition - no CEX atrocities here thank god!

Gigawing 2 feels similar to the original but in some ways it's also very different, it's certainly a lot more manic and tough. The reflecting mechanic from the original has also been taken to new levels in the game. I'm editing a video that should be up either today or tomorrow anyway.

As for Blast Wind I'm going to have a play on this tonight and I can't wait.


  1. Ah man.. congrats, 2 i need for sure. Straying a bit from the subject at hand, but what is the state of Game shops like in your area.. any retro, prices, quality of pre owned etc. Personally I have 2 'Game' stores, a Gamestation, CEX and HMV if that counts. They all make me sick, even down to the shop layout and how they catagorise/display their games. Where is the love? Overpriced and they unseal their games before sale. I've never purchased anything from CEX and i've always found them ridiculously overpriced.. (£45 for a pre-owned Black Ops, just a week after release?. Sorry rant over.

  2. @GunHead Thanks mate. There's nothing wrong with careering off track when it comes to gaming discussions mate! Leeds is a bit thin on the ground for retro stuff really the only place that sells true retro is a little shop called Arcadia. It's got loads of GBA, Master System, some Megadrive and SNES. There were even some NEO GEO carts and Jap Megadrive the last time I visited. Other than that there are a couple of Game Stores, HMV, and CEX. The good places to look for occasional gems are Gamestation and Grainger Games - which has loads of PS2! Gamestation has a tiny retro section with some N64, DC, GBA, and PS1. You also get the odd megadrive game in there. CEX in Leeds is good for GC and original Xbox - the resi games appear regularly on the GC and are a lot cheaper than ebay. There's also a new cash converters in the centre which has always got PS1 games in. Hope that was enough of a rant about Leeds! Where are you based?

  3. Swindon, a few hrs from or 45 mins for Bristol. Not one retro shop in town. Not one record store (vinyl) in town. It sucks. Cash converters and a few other stores like that used to be rammed full of retro. Little these days, and covered in stickers. I did see a skeleton xbox in there for £25 the other wk. Wish i'd got it now. Didn't realise they were good for modding.

  4. @gunhead Ahh I see mate, if you ever need a guide round Leeds give us a shout - going to have a trip up to the NE at some point to do some retro purchasing - there seems to be quite a few retro shops up there. I've always wanted a skeleton XBOX, they're damn pretty my mate offered me one recently - I'd have snapped his hand off if it were boxed!