Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Gmintyfresh on Youtube - The Future

I've just realised that title seems quite final, like I'm making an announcement that the channel is going to shut down - I can assure you this Isn't the case.

Over the last few weeks I've been re-enthused about pulling together my Youtube vids, in fact I'd go as far as saying I'm really enjoying it!

So this is my chance to take stock of some old/new video ideas I need to get started:

1. Guide to games shops in Leeds
2. Beginners guide to 360 importing
3. Finish room tour
4. Dreamcast shmup collection retrospective
5. I've retired the Saturn Shooter collection series of vids - It was always going to be a useful testing bed for a bigger project I had planned, in that respect it was successful. This bigger project is a series of vids looking at my shmup collection in detail - I'm going try and script these and put as much information in as possible.
6. Some kind of interview session with real gamers.
7. Dreamcast Fighting Games Video - I've been meaning to start this project for ages because I've nearly got as many DC fighters as Shmups
8. 360 Limited Editions - Got loads of these I want to show too.
Hopefully I'll start on these soon!


  1. I like your enthusiasm!

    Looking forward to the new stuff!

  2. @edward Thanks mate, if I get half this stuff done this year I'll be happy!!

  3. All sounds brilliant to me mate. I have to say it's been so long since i did a 'proper' vid that i think i really should do one. I started a shoot em up collection vid series along time ago before I was that into the genre as I am now. Think it's time for episode #5. May wait til Ive finished the SMS collection though. 2 titles to go!

  4. @gunhead Thanks mate I decided to put my ideas down in one place rather as scraps of ideas in loads of notebooks! Got a new HD camera arriving this week so I'm going to make the effort to make better quality vids. The new camera will give me far more flexability also I'm recording HD with my Nikon DSLR at the moment which is limited to 5 minute HD sections. So in longer vids there is loads of stitching sections together. Love your trailer vids, but yes more shmup collection videos would be brilliant please - you owe us!! Ha ha just joking! Which SMS shmups are you still after mate?