Sunday, 22 May 2011

Stuff I've Bought Recently - Insane PS3 Limited Editions

Hello Chaps

Just thought I’d post a link to my newest youtube vid showing a couple of over the top PS3 limited editions I bought earlier on in the year. This is the first vid I filmed using my new HD camcorder, it came out quite nice. The JVC software that came bundled with the camera is a bit lame and so I’m going to have to get a better Mts to Wmv converter at some point. There were a few errors in this vid but overall I’m quite happy with it.



  1. I use a free program called Format Factory. I assume it would do that file type as it does most other conversions.

  2. @gunhead Wow mate thanks for the top tip, this has to be one of the most useful applications I've downloaded. It even takes those ridiculously large RAW HD files I've been filming and converts them to WMV at the same resolution - brilliant! No more fannying around with JVC's frankly shoddy software!