Friday, 6 May 2011

14 Shmups, 12 Months, £1200 Current Position

Latest Update

Well after much stalling April's project video finally published yesterday, man the video was a trial to put together.

To be honest I'd done most of the time consuming stuff such as capturing the gameplay footage and editing that but real life has just been getting in the way recently. But I'm back with a much more positive attitude about the whole thing. I've got one of the next games lined up by the look of it but I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy something really expensive this month.......

Still to get:

Gigawing 2 - DC

Trying to find this for less than £30 with spine has been tough, it's not rare by any stretch of the imagination but it suffers from the curse of being a DC game and a shooter. Ebay sellers crank the prices up on this game. It's funny I played this the first time at Retro Rewind with SpiffierRabbit and Oli_Lar from the Retro Gamer forum, great day and great company. More inportantly however is that this shooter represents the last DC shooter I need to buy for a full shmup collection. My mission to collect shmups in general spwawned from thios collection so it'll be quite a watershed moment for my collection when I finally complete this set.

Cotton 2 SE with Calendar and Tea Cup - Saturn

One I want in the collection purely for the beans - I mean as a Special Edition it's ridiculous right? What's doubly daft is that I turned down a copy of the standard edition for £15 once! But the game itself looks lovely so at least Im going to play this one! I expect to pay around £80 for this one.

Blast Wind - Saturn

Another Saturn Technosoft exclusive! For some reason when I started the project this shooter was quite modestly priced (£50-£60) but over the last 9 months the price has slowly risen. I suspect this is because at the moment there doesn't seem to be as many copies out there, this game seems to divide shmup fans - whilst it might not be the prettiest shooter out there I love it's unique visuals they make me think Mars Matrix on the DC. I'm probably looking at around £80 -£90 for this one now.

GleyLancer - MD

One of the first games I bookmarked on ebay when starting this project and the one that has maintained it's high price for longest, to be honest with this one I'm going to be lucky to get it for less than £90. It just rarely comes up on ebay to bid for and it's generally listed as buy it now in auctions - so the prices are really maintained at the same level. I really love this game however so I'm more than willing to part with the cash for this.

Harmful Park - PS1

The daddy!!

I suspect this one could be the most expensive game on the list, to get a nice copy with a spinecard on ebay you're looking at at least £130! Another shooter that was a good £20 cheaper on average when I started the project, there just aren't that many copies around. This is probably the game I'm most curious about it looks like a Parodius game with equally over the top boss battles.

So now it's time to stop writing and get hunting those dream shmups!!

To understand what I’m attempting to achieve with this project do please see the previous blog entry here:

Current status

Blast Wind - Sega Saturn
Harmful Park - Playstation 1
Radiant Silvergun - Sega Saturn (Bought)
Ibara - Playstation 2 (Bought)
Mushihimesama Futari Ltd Edition - Xbox 360 (Bought)
GlayLancer - Megadrive
Gigawing 2 - Dreamcast
Zero Gunner 2 - Dreamcast (Bought)
Twinkle Star Sprites - Dreamcast (Bought)
Last Resort - NEO GEO AES (Bought)
Cotton 2 - With Tea Cup - Saturn
Soldier Blade - PC Engine (Bought)
Hyper Duel Sega - Saturn (Bought)
Deathsmiles 2 Limited Edition - Xbox 360 (Bought)


  1. I saw Cotton 2 with the teacup the other day. Not gonna be cheap my friend.

  2. Oh yes you could pick it up for around £70 at one point but those prices have bounced back!! But that set is lovely, I remember this appearing in an Edge guide to retro and I've wanted one ever since!